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A Men’s Grooming Products Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before You Shop

It’s 2021 and men are taking more pride in their appearance than ever before. With major players such as Gillette and Old Spice bringing out new lines of products for men, the male grooming industry is on the rise. But where do you start? When you walk down the aisles of your local drug store, it can be hard to distinguish between what’s right for your skin type and what’s just all marketing hype. However, with this buying guide, you can be sure that every product you purchase will be worth your while.

A Men’s Grooming Products Buying Guide

If you’re wondering where to begin, your best bet is to choose a product that gives you the most value for your buck. “It’s best to choose one multipurpose product, like a face wash or a moisturiser, that can be used on the entire face,” says Dr Sarah Collins, clinical professor of dermatology at George Washington University. Generally speaking, this will help you to create a balanced routine that’s suited to your skin type and personal circumstances.

Men, rejoice! From regular face masks to beard curlers, our buying guides have got you covered. But if you’re looking for products specific to African and Afro-diasporic communities, then take a good, long look at Bold Match’s Afro/Latinx Hair Care Collection, our top Duval Street staple. Specifically for African men, this collection contains long-lasting shampoos, conditioners, and styling sprays that feature natural ingredients like guaji oil, amla oil, or shea butter. Beyond grooming purposes, these products can help mentally and emotionally connect to your skin and self.

For years, the product that stood out for Collin Horwath, owner of Rudyard’s Skin Care, was the one he never found that worked for his skin type. “I bought a ton of products, tried everything, and a lot of it just didn’t work for me,” says Horwath. Indeed, according to Collins, a lot of dermatologists can relate. “We do see a lot of men who were turned on by women’s products and they were looking for something different,” she explains. “Men started experimenting with makeup and hairdressing, and we see guys with very complex skin needing products specifically made for deeper, softer, brighter skin. This is something we’ve always combined in Rudyards’ skincare line to give them that fix.

What to Look for in Your Shaving Cream

You already know what a great shave is supposed to feel like – smooth, clean, and close to the skin. But how do you get there? While it’s true that the right razor can make a difference, it’s the shaving cream that you apply beforehand that will ultimately make the biggest impact on your shave. The best shaving creams are designed to mimic the shaving foam already on your skin, ensuring the best shave possible. When it comes to choosing a shaving cream, consider:

Regardless of the component you choose to use, it’s always mixed pretty thoroughly to make sure there are no residual lather particles on your skin. The amount of water you use depends on your skin type and condition. Generally, bristle brushes produce more lather than the finger or brush, and the spongy shaving cream is lightweight and absorbs quickly. You can use a shaver with a dripping wet brush if it doesn’t render flake or dirt too noticeable, or if your face is too dry. When it comes to blades, it’s not always that simple. To count the blades, follow these tips:

Before you take out the razor, make sure to inspect the green safety ring around the razor. This ring determines how flexible the razor is, and should never be left in any position that would cause danger. If the green ring is in a low position, you may want to shave manually. If it’s in a raised position, though, it might be strong enough to give you a broken clavicle or bleeding. Let’s flip the ring to the extreme side and review:

How you use the blade will determine how much irritation you’ll experience. The use of two blades is recommended, especially for beginners. The blades need to be healthy and in good condition. If the blades look dull and worn, simply replace them. For sensitive skin, it’s possible to use the traditional electric boar’s toothpick, but double-edged are preferred because they have a gentler, more even shave.

How to Choose the Right Cologne for Your Unique Style and Personality

There’s a right and wrong time to wear cologne. You should avoid wearing it when you’re going to be in a situation where you will be near other people (like on the subway or during a flight) because everyone’s sense of smell is heightened when they’re trapped in small spaces. If you’re cool and want to go all out, however, you can wear cologne during lunchtime, pre-shift, and at the end of your day.

One of the biggest pluses of cologne for a man is its effect on the body. Because it has unsaturated ingredients, it controls the temperature of your skin better than many other scents, providing a soft, silky feel. But for optimal results, use cologne with a rebuy routine!
Do you take it seriously when Matt discredits your car? You stere of it when you do the same for your cologne! For example, if you think your cologne is missing something, please message or DM me and let’s discuss! I like wearable art — it’s a solid way to complement a sleek look — but I also accept whatever is comfortable for you.

Regarding colour, many colognes are available in a wide range of different hues. Some are subtle, others bold. Getting a colour that matches your personality is the name of the game! Don’t be afraid to experiment with tones to find the one that’s perfect for you and your environment. For example, you might like a more earthy rose scent if you like more outdoorsy scents. Outside of scent, each cologne will have a different smell. Depending on the strength of this smell, some colognes can give you headaches or take away your sense of smell. If this happens to you, you will want to discontinue the use of the product and purchase a replacement (or two!) within a couple of days.

When Is the Right Time to Buy a Straight Razor?

The right time to buy a straight razor is when you know you’ll be getting good use out of it. If you don’t know how to use a straight razor and you’re not going to find the time to learn, then buying one is a waste of money. The best straight razor shave was already so hard to come by, but with stores like TruTake now carrying it even more widely, what’s stopping you from going electric?
If wanting a powerful hairstyle isn’t your thing and you don’t have any access to proper hair trimmers or pliers, a machete may be the answer. These are double-curved knives that have repeatedly proven their efficiency in attacks on vehicles and created a lucrative trade in dual-use kitchenware and electronics. Not everyone knows how to use a machete, but on further thought, maybe it should be up your alley. Whether you’re looking for a razor or maybe beard oil, there is only one stop where you can buy men’s grooming products at Cosmetize without any difficulties.

The Difference Between Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Wax

Beard oils, beard balms, and beard waxes are all used to condition and style your beard, but each one has a different purpose. Beard oils tend to be lighter, thinner, and oilier than beard balms and waxes. They’re usually applied to a beard after a shower while the beard is still damp to help soften and tame your beard. Safety issues and ingredients are something to keep in mind when purchasing anything that comes in a spray or gummy form.

Beards come in all colours and textures and can contain ingredients such as wax, parabens, and fragrance. Make sure to read the label before making any purchase and do a spot check for any chemicals that may be coming with the product. If you’re wanting a more temporary solution, shaving your face once a week or every few days will provide you with the dryness and softness you’re looking for.

Beard scissors are used for trimming your beard with precision. They have grips at both the end and the handle so that you don’t have to worry about the scissors slipping and cutting your beard off. Along with the scissors, one can purchase combs, sashes, and brush heads to finish the style. While many people can find problem hair removal methods on Instagram or YouTube, some products are specifically designed to prevent and relieve hair growth in your beard. A tame beard, for example, comes with a high concentration of vitamins and amino acids that you can use to prevent and repair beard growth. It’s designed to be used 2–3 times a day and will tame even the longest beards. However, it is highly recommended to always consult a doctor before using any product before using it long-term.


When it comes to grooming, it’s important to know what you’re doing.

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