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Artistic Activities to Do at Home for Drawing

In the frenzy that rules our lives today, finding free time is getting more and more complicated. We are divided between work, school, exams, family, commitments, and deadlines. The time to devote ourselves to our passions and hobbies never seems to be enough. It seems impossible, but we can be forced to stop. And that’s exactly what’s happening to so many people right now. Suddenly we find ourselves at home without the possibility of going out or following the routine we were used to. In this article, I will show you 7 artistic activities to do in your home so as not to give in to boredom and idleness!

What to do when you are home alone or with your children

Our passion is the Fine Arts and all the artistic activities “related” to them. Precisely for this reason, you can already imagine which activities we are going to offer you. The message we want to convey to you is that you don’t have to fall into the trap of boredom. You don’t waste your time on social networks or zap television. Instead, don’t turn off your brain, stay active, pick up on that project you promised yourself to work on, dedicate yourself to improving your drawing technique, or reading that book in the library for too long.

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For many purposes, many people have found themselves with a lot of free time, and the paradox is that they have to understand how to use it best, as time is a precious resource. Some of the activities that I propose to you can be done alone or in the company of your children, companions, wives, or husbands. Unlike other and worse viruses, they have no contraindications, and they will do nothing but good to the people involved!

Learn to draw animals in pencil

Drawing in pencil is an activity that everyone can do. All you need is a pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser. Well, who doesn’t have these three tools in some drawer of the house? But, of course, you do not become a master of drawing after a few attempts. Of way, it would be better if you had the system and a lot of practice, but our goal is to find a stimulating activity for our brain, to escape the passivity of social networks and television.

It is also an activity that lends itself very well to being carried out together with our children, grandchildren, friends, or children to take care of (in case you were a babysitter), to spend a lovely afternoon together. Among the most loved subjects when starting to draw there are animals. For this reason, we have written for you a whole series of guides on how to draw various animals in pencil. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Or did you go horseback riding and love horses? Do you feel wilder, and the bear is the animal that represents you? Then, we have the guides for you!

Learn to use watercolors

What a fascinating technique! The fusion of the pigment with the gum Arabic to which water is added unleashes magic that leaves you speechless every time. Of course, we are not talking about a “minimalist” technique like a pencil drawing, but even here, the material needed to start is very little. However, some more knowledge is required regarding how to use colors and how to spread them on the sheet. But nothing that should scare you! In this regard, I wrote a guide dedicated to the material to start with watercolor.

In addition, you will already find some exercises aimed at beginners: how to paint a sunset sky (first part, see the link for the second part at the bottom of the article) or how to paint a stream in a wood. If you love wild animals, we also have a guide on painting a leopard with watercolors!

Make up a story and draw it.

It is the classic activity that will strain adults, who have forgotten for many years what fantasy is! Think how nice to sit down with your children and invent a story, maybe a fairy tale. Then, after deciding on the main characters, including the protagonist and his archenemy, we take colored pencils and paper and move on to illustrate our story! And I assure you it won’t be accessible at all! While painting or drawing, we habit of relying on “easy” subjects: still lifes, famous people or portraits of friends, landscapes. But when it’s our turn to invent subjects and settings, the game changes.

We should think about the characters, their stories, the world they live in, how they are dressed. And we will have to illustrate the whole story, maybe in the style of a comic, why not?

I assure you that this activity will make you spend a lovely afternoon (but maybe even a whole day, given the amount of work) with your children or your friends.

Learn the rules behind color theory

Professional artists are such in that they know their tools precisely and learn how to use them ideally to get what they have in mind.

But painting is also and above all made of colors, and the same rule applies to them too. An artist who considers himself as such must know all the laws underlying the theory of colors: how they are classified, what primary colors are, how they are mixed to obtain secondary and tertiary colors.

Find out how to promote your Art and your artistic activities.

Many artists think that it is enough to be gifted with talent or that it is enough to know perfectly a painting technique to ensure great success and recognition in the public’s eyes. But, unfortunately, this is not the case at all: a professional, or an artist who wishes to consider himself as such, must pay attention not only to the technical side but must also work on his image and on the best way to reach people.

In the age of social networks and digital, it is essential to present yourself to the broadest possible audience and promote yourself correctly. Precisely for this reason, I have written a series of introductory guides that will explain the fundamental concepts to sponsor your Art.

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