Benefits of Using 14inch Laptops

The biggest advantage a 14-inch laptop has over its counterparts of 15-inch is its size. The 14-inch laptop is usually smaller, which makes it easier to carry around. It is therefore easier to transport. A 14-inch laptop is the perfect size for people who travel a lot and work from home. It can be difficult for manufacturers to fit powerful hardware into such a small form factor while still keeping it cool. As such. Laptops 14 inches may be slightly slower than larger laptops.

Why use 14 Inch laptops

sometimes, pundits talk about the wisdom of crowds. But just because something is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. The 14-inch consumer laptops are a bit like the Twilight story of the PC industry. However, they outsell all sizes by a large margin. Shoppers should avoid them like a sparkly vampire who has control issues. xfurbish is one of the top online marketplaces where you can buy laptops at less prices.


NPD Research found that 68.1 percent of Windows laptops with clamshell screens are 15-inch. This is far more than the smaller 14-inch (9.4%), 13-inch (2.4%) and 11-inch (10%) sizes. The 14-inches make up 39.8% of the market. This is significantly higher than the 13-inch (30.6%), 14-inch (8.9%) and 11-inch (14.9%) segments.

Mainstream customers love 15-inch laptops for their larger screens and the fact that they offer more performance for the price.

Stephen Baker, NPD analyst, stated that screen size is a top priority for consumers and has been doing so for many years. “15 inch[es] is the best size for consumers who want portability.”

Residential Users

Many home users are unaware of the many benefits of a laptop that they can take with them and use without plugging it in. The majority of mainstream 15-inch laptops can’t be comfortably seated on your lap and are too heavy for you to carry around all day. The average 15-inch laptop weighs in at a mere 5 pounds. This will put strain on your legs and arm. An average 14-inch laptop weighs 3.7 pounds, while a 13 inch system usually weighs 3.2 pounds.

Even if you don’t take your laptop out of the house, it should still be able to be placed on a table or nightstand or balanced on your lap. It’s a compact desktop and not a notebook if you are unable to move it around.

External monitor

An external 14 inch laptop lcd screen price is less and a great option if you want the big-screen experience of a desktop computer. A full-HD 23-inch display costs less than a notebook screen and is worth more than a decent model. You can then have both a large workspace and a portable computer whenever you need it.

Even though you may have electrical outlets in every room of your home, that doesn’t mean that you won’t require a long battery life. Your laptop will be less accessible if you are physically attached to the wall. Are you really going to want your laptop to be restricted to the right, left, or back of the couch? What happens if your child or dog trip over the cord and sends your $600 investment to the ground?

Battery and power consumption

The average 15-inch laptop battery life was just 6 hours, 20 minutes. This drops to 5 hours, 48 minutes, when we include laptops below $600, which is the most common price range. The average 13-inch laptop can last for 8.5 hours, while the average 14-inch laptop can last for 8 hours.

Although five to six hours of endurance sounds great on paper, it is important to remember that this benchmark measures low-power surfing via Wi-Fi at 100nits brightness (usually 40-50 percent). Your computer will go down much quicker if you turn up the brightness, multitask, or play games.

The 15-inch laptop’s misguided popularity can be attributed to resellers and manufacturers of laptops. You’ll find a lot of laptops with 15-inch screens, no matter if you go to a store in person or on the internet.


NPD data shows that the average 15-inch laptop with Windows (with clamshell) costs $391. This compares to the $622 for the 13-inch model. The average 14-inch laptop costs $243, which is much more portable, despite having 1 inch less display area. The average price of a 2-in-1 laptop is $724, $565, and $773, for the 15-, 14 and 13-inch screen sizes.

Laptop Weight

If you’re willing to search, you can easily find a portable laptop that costs less than $600. The Asus VivoBook E403SA is a 14-inch screen laptop that weighs in at 3.2 pounds and has an aluminum chassis. It also has a battery life of over 9 hours. The Lenovo ThinkPad 13, which weighs in at 3.1 pounds, starts at $584 and lasts for over 9 hours. Neither model has the fastest processor, although the ThinkPad 13 can be equipped with a Core i5 for an additional cost. However, both models will still suffice for budget-conscious buyers.

You can buy lighter laptops by increasing your budget. The Dell XPS 13 weighs in at 2.7 pounds and lasts for 14 hours.

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