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Everything About the Gums Doctor in Ottawa

Gum diseases are also defined as periodontitis, which reflects the oral infection that results in severe pain of gums and weakness of the soft tissues. It further damages the bones that support the teeth. This can be a serious issue to the overall dental health and can also cause the loss of the alveolar bone without proper treatment. To deal with such a situation the Gums Doctor in Ottawa can be highly beneficial as well.

What are the common causes of gum disease?

Few points have been listed to acknowledge individuals about the causes of the Gum Disease:

  • The bacteria and the plaque that builds up in the teeth area can cause periodontitis. It also leads to severe pain and swelling of the gums.
  • A high amount of smoking can cause this type of problem in the gum areas.
  • Periodontitis can also be caused due to the presence of diabetes and hormonal changes, especially in women.
  • There are several medications that reduce the production of saliva and can further lead to this kind of gum problem.

Importance of Periodontist

Well, a Periodontist is an experienced Gums Doctor in Ottawa,who can treat gum diseases with ease and perfection. This doctor completes the three years of Post Graduate Training from a dental school. They can also perform a good treatment including gum grafting, grafting of the bone, surgery of the esthetic gum, and placing the dental implants in the place of the missing teeth.

Importance of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

An Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon mainly works with the dental and medical condition of the maxillofacial area. This area further includes the face, cheekbones, forehead, and other areas including the bone, soft tissues, and gingival. In addition, these surgeons are dedicated to the treatment of dental and medical conditions. They are also defined as the specialized Gums Doctor in Ottawa and can work in a complex manner as well. In simple terms, they are defined as both dental and medical doctors.

What to consider while performing the Treatment of Gum Diseases?

Gums Doctor in Ottawa at first step undergoes an oral examination and then works accordingly to perform the treatment of the oral health in their offices. According to the extent of the disease the time to perform the treatment, the healing, and the discomfort level might vary. If the doctors found the disease in a serious condition then anesthesia might be offered by them. The anesthesia furthers helps to numb the area and reduce the pain and ensures good relaxation while performing the required process.

What treatments are required to treat Non-Surgical Gum Diseases?

The main motive of Gum Treatment is to reduce and control the growth of the infection surrounded the gum areas. The professional dentist will evaluate the condition and will perform the required remedy. Furthermore, it is also important as it helps individuals to understand the importance of maintaining good hygiene of oral health.

Some of the treatment procedures are further listed below:

  • Dental Cleaning

In this process, the Gums Doctor in Ottawa removes all the bacteria and plaques from both the above and lower part of the teeth. It is also suggested by experts to perform a cleaning of the oral at least 2-3 times a year to help reduce the growth of the bacteria inside the mouth.

  • Root Planning and Scaling

Root Planning and Scaling are the non-surgical treatment that helps to remove the bacteria’s present inside the teeth in a deep manner. It further involves a deep cleaning f the rough spots on the tooth root. It can also ensure a positive relief from the plaques on the hum lines and get a clean gum as well.

  • Medications

Several medications can help to get relief from mouth and oral disorders. It may further include antibiotic gels, antiseptic chips, mouthwashes, etc. Sometimes, oral antibiotics are also generated by the doctors in the form of tablets or capsules to further help you.


If you are not sure, to ensure good oral health for you or your loved ones you can consider the Urban Dental Centre and can enjoy treatments from a highly experienced dentist.

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