Importance of Fire Bricks and Castable In Industrial Furnace

In the case of a high-temperature operation, such as a furnace, one has to invest in materials capable of handling such a high temperature. It is called heat management, which allows the industrial material to operate without any change in its physical and structural composition. It is precisely the purpose fire brick and castable cement fulfill.

Castable refractory cement

Castable refractory cement and fire bricks not only allow the industrial furnace to reach a high temperature, but at the same time, they also protect the surrounding environment. It not only protects the surrounding environment but also saves energy generated from the furnace, saving operational costs. If you stand just outside a working industrial furnace, you would not be affected by the temperature of the operating furnace.

Fire Bricks

The importance of fire brick and other furnace lining material has never been more pronounced, especially in operations like furnaces and kilns. One could safely say that a heat installation would not operate without them.

Know the Properties of A Good Refractory Bed Material

A good refractory bed material would have the following properties.

• An extremely low thermal conductivity
• It can withstand high temperatures without any structural changes, leading to the breakdown of the industrial furnace.
• Mechanically strong enough to handle the load of the structure in question
• High porosity
• Low permeability
• It should be inert when it comes into contact with chemically active substances. It is highly crucial in the case of an industrial furnace. Any chemical reaction on the fire brick or any other refractory material could jeopardize the whole operation.

Vacuum is easily the best insulator one could use, but since it is practically impossible to create a vacuum-like situation in an industrial furnace, a fire brick and other refractory bed materials would have to do so. Fire brick manufacturers have to juggle between creating a fire brick that can be an excellent insulator and has the physical strength to be used in an industrial furnace. Many air spaces are induced in the body of fire brick, allowing it to prevent the heat from conducting. It is one of the reasons why one would find so many more porous holes in fire bricks as the thermal conductivity reduces with the increase of air spaces, or more specifically, the volume of air spaces.

Proper Installation is Important

But while these benefits state the importance of fire bricks and castable in industrial furnaces, it would be all for naught if they are not correctly installed. Without a proper and careful installation, the furnace would not benefit from the properties of fire bricks and other refractory materials. Since the objective of the installation is to obtain a solid wall, the fire bricks must be laid in an air setting matching. The reason? The mortar would ensure that the weight and pressure are uniformly distributed, which is crucial in the making of a solid and robust structure. The vertical and horizontal joints are also filled with mortar to make the structure impervious to any penetration, especially for the molten metal in the case of foundries.

Wrapping Up 

But before one goes and starts planning for their industrial furnace construction, they need first to ensure that the fire bricks, castable, and other refractory bed material they use are of the finest quality. And this is where Refmon Industries comes especially in handy. Refmon Industries is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of refractory bed materials, providing customers with highly satisfactory refractory lining solutions. When it comes to refractory lining solutions, you could not find a better companion for your needs than Refmon Industries.

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