Guide on Different Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes Packaging & Its Uses

We all know that among different types of packaging materials, cardboard has been the most common, which is a versatile option to consider. Almost all custom cardboard boxes are manufactured through durable material of cardboard. 

But as you do a bit of research, you will find a variety of cardboard box options for different purposes, i.e., personal or business use. These amazing types of cardboard boxes can easily be adapted and adjusted into numerous weights, strengths as well as widths. 

As you decide to choose the cardboard packaging, you should be careful about few features which come your way to make the finest decision. This includes with:

  • How heavy is the box packaging? What is the weight of the item which you are about to package in the cardboard box packaging?
  • What kind of lamination will you give to packaging for the protection of items during shipping?
  • Is there any need to add the packaging with the printing work?

To fulfill all your custom-made cardboard boxes needs, below we will discuss a list of few basic cardboard box types and their main purpose. Let’s dive into the discussion below: 

A Guide on Different Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes

1. Single-face board

This is one of the most basic cardboard packaging types which you will encounter in almost all industries. Such boxes are made up of corrugated material, which is not added with any flute layer of the cardboard piece on the other side. 

You will find the vital use of this cardboard box for packaging some special items or the ones which are fragile. In short, the single-face board box is fully responsible for protecting your box against any damage or breakage. 

2. Single-wall board

This is another most common corrugated cardboard type. It is based on a single layer of the flute which is placed at the center of the two flat walls. This is one such cardboard that is commonly used in most boxes. And hence, therefore, they are known to be durable with the placement of a single flute layer. 

3. Double-wall board

Another major type of custom cardboard box has been the double wallboard which is based on the extra layering of the flute. This flute is placed in between two of the outside layers. 

Hence, the placement of outside layers of flute over the box packaging will give the board an extra stronger nature. This will give your delicate item added protection against any damage or breakage. 

4. Triple-wall board

If we talk about the triple wall board packaging, then it is evident from the name that this box has three layers of fluting between two outside walls. The boxes are easily made up of corrugation sheets which are needed for the protection of heavy items. The use of cardboard packaging is vital in large appliances or the storage of automotive parts. 

The triple wall is based on customized cardboard boxes having four layers or even five sometimes. It has a fluting which is between the two of its outside walls. It might be rare to found because they bear a high strength in few exceptional circumstances.

5. Corrugated fiberboard

Last we have corrugated fiberboard, which is another most common custom cardboard packaging. It’s a three-layered material that is made up of flat fiberboard placement on each side. Plus, it also has the wavy layer, which is placed in the center, known as fluting. This specific wavy center is the powerful one which is letting you handle heavy objects without facing any folding or bending. 

Hence, the corrugated fiberboard is available in a variety of thicknesses which is based on both the stronger and the less strong cardboard. But this is all based on the packaging needs. Sizing options of the corrugated fiberboard are just indicated in the form of letters. It will be based on the frequency and the width of waves in the fluted layer, which is at its middle portion. 

What are the important benefits of customized cardboard boxes?

There are a variety of benefits that you can get by using custom cardboard boxes wholesale. A few of them are discussed below: 

  • The best thing about personalized cardboard boxes is their flexible nature. They are highly flexible, and therefore, this nature will make the packaging boxes to be the best ones to customize in any sort of shape, size, or style. This will allow you to give your product packaging an extreme uniqueness. 
  • As the wholesale cardboard boxes are made from the durable material of cardboard, therefore, they are extremely great for protecting your delicate items during the shipping time. When you are customizing the cardboard boxes, make sure that they are extremely thick from the sides, which are important to even protect the heavy items. 
  • In addition, you can get the cardboard boxes in a variety of shapes which makes it easy for you to do packaging for both small and big items. You can make it add up with the logo printing for the excellent promotion/advertisement of your brand successfully. 
  • They are extremely lightweight. You don’t need to panic yourself to move them from one place to another. They are hence light in weight and are portable to move around easily. 
  • Last but not least is the cost-effective nature of cardboard boxes. This nature will make the cardboard to be the most favorite one because you can purchase it in bulk at an affordable cost. 
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Well, we hope that with this guide, a reader must have gained enough information about different types of custom cardboard boxes and their main purpose. Each one of the box types is different from one another and is great for shipping purposes. Find the one which suits your packaging needs and is helpful to protect your delicate items during the shipping time! 

Which one of the cardboard boxes wholesale do you like the most? 

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