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The Moon enters Leo on August 25. It’s a time of playfulness, cheerfulness, and lightheartedness as per free love horoscope. Lighthearted fellowship is the order of the day at this time. The first week in Leo can be a romp! Enjoy the exuberance of children, neighbours, and friends during this period. But avoid compulsive behaviour patterns and obsessions. If you need to decide now:

  • Ask an astrologer for help.
  • Ask him to guide you, or you can check your horoscope.
  • Check it, especially if it concerns love relationships or money matters.

As per the free horoscope online, you are more objective than usual during this cycle. However, you may feel that those around you are childish or irresponsible, so try not to judge them so harshly during this cycle. Your sense of responsibility is called into question. You may feel like being irresponsible or self-indulgent. This is a time when you can let go of your self-imposed responsibilities and enjoy life at the moment. Children are more playful now, too.

Earlier this month, Mercury was retrograde for several days in Cancer, ruled by the Moon. That combination had activated your natal moon sign and its aspects to other planets as well as transiting Neptune in Pisces (ruled by Pisces). The talkative earth moves into Gemini on August 24th.

It will make a solid trine for Venus (ruled by Gemini) from August 21–29, triggering romantic feelings during that period. Especially if you have your moon sign in Gemini or aspected by Gemini. The last few days of August and the first week in September may involve children’s issues or romantic relationships for those with their moon sign in Cancer, but it will be a time of increased playfulness for all.

How to Understand Cancer Free Love Horoscopes? Get The Best Partner By Getting A Love Horoscope Analysis and live happily

As per the daily love horoscope, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which creates a feeling of nurturing and caring during this cycle, especially where children are concerned. Take time to promote yourself too by arranging some quiet time away from it all if you can. (Your moon sign probably falls between July 21 – August 23.) Suppose you have your moon sign aspected to Leo (another fire sign), or your sun sign falls between August 24 – September 2.

You’ll feel more energetic than usual, ready for romance on an emotional rather than intellectual level as perfree love horoscope. If you can, get involved in social activities that involve fun and frivolity. Open Heartedness is fostered right now, so you are more inclined to forgive others. Forgiveness will free your mind of any resentment or feelings of hurt from the past and give you greater peace of mind.

However, self-confidence may be lacking due to recent setbacks (Venus square Pluto). You may feel vulnerable. Therefore, think carefully before deciding about love relationships. Be careful when thinking about money matters involving the property as well investments. You’re better off postponing these decisions. Postpone it until a later date when your confidence is higher.

Inherited family patterns around money and possessions could become an issue during this cycle. Especially if you have the Moon in Cancer or its aspects. In addition, you may feel that there are commitments of some kind that others want to take with you.

They may genuinely want to provide for your needs. However, don’t commit yourself now until you’ve had time to assess the situation thoroughly. Assess before signing any documents regarding money or possessions.

Mercury retrograde Is A Period of Receptivity And How It Can Be Used To Analyse a Free Love Horoscope Of The Person

There is a feeling of receptivity during this cycle. However, things do not happen quite quickly as they did earlier this month during Mercury retrograde (August 6 – August 14). Nevertheless, things were easier then because it was more difficult for people to express themselves as per thefree love horoscope.

Because of the difference between Venus and Neptune, it can be challenging to adjust our life with transiting Pluto. Old behavioural patterns can surface now. Especially where love relationships are concerned. Money may be a problem, too. Suppose you have your Venus or Neptune in the cardinal signs. For instance, (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).

Also, you may have their aspects (sextile, trine, and square). In that case, you’ll feel less affected by this inconvenience. In addition, you will be affected less than those whose planets fall in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

Venus is retrograde from July 25 – August 26. This time around will stimulate self-doubt about love relationships. foThis happens for all with Venus in the cardinal signs (it’s retrograde there between July 27 – August 22). However, especially for those of us who have its aspects to Pluto or Uranus. This includes trines and sextiles with Pluto or Uranus.

As per the free love horoscope Venus retrograde, there will be delays and disappointments in love relationships. Especially if you have one of the aspects above to Venus, limitations and restlessness are possible now. For those with their sun sign between July 24 – August 2, things are going to be tough.

However, this is not a time when we can do anything about them. It is best left until September 23. When Venus stations direct at 18 degrees of Cancer (the end of its retrograde cycle). Then, we can cope with it better by being open to emotional issues. Avoid suppressing them.

How does new cycle analysis help to analyse the free love horoscope? Know the details

We could experience unexpected gains. However, they may not last because a new financial cycle begins on August 21. This could involve job changes or money worries for anyone whose work comes under the influence of Mars. On the other hand, there could be opportunities from foreign contacts now.

Suppose you have Mars in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) or its aspects (sextile, trine, and square). In that case, you might feel less affected by this transit than those whose planets fall in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

Especially where trade agreements are concerned, we may experience some difficulty. It can occur coming to terms with each other. Conflicts can occur over existing issues under Mercury’s connection to Uranus.

This can happen between August 30 – September 2. On a personal level, if your sun sign falls within these dates, you may tend to act impulsively. Plus, you may make decisions on the spur of the moment. This can happen where love relationships are concerned.

During this cycle, you mustn’t make hasty agreements. This is because there can be delays and disappointment i. Therefore, relationships will not be easy, especially for anyone with planets in Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn. If your natal Venus is in Cancer or Leo, it enters Leo on August 25. After its retrograde ends on August 28.

However, your responses to others may be inhibited during this cycle. It can happen due to transiting Venus’ conjunction with Neptune. It can happen between August 25 – September 28.

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