Kuari Pass Trek:

It takes a lot of hard work to win the Tripoto competition; sleepless nights, a whole month of animated writing, keep your competitive spirit, write things when you think about how to deal with your blog ideas, the mind blocked a few hours Time is just looking at your screen instead of writing, it’s hard to say that. Even after going through all this, you may not win. I think you are lucky if you win.

In the rankings with the most points in June, I was fortunate enough to get an all-inclusive Kuari Pass trek.

I booked my trip nearly five and a half months before starting the trip. (December 2429) This is the long wait I have to go through, and the excitement is increasing day by day.

Indiahikes established a routine one and a half months before the trek we must follow.

Until the day of the trek, everything was not so easy. There were reports that the HarkiDun trek was canceled this season. It was followed by more bad news, saying that the most recent treks to the Kuari pass were canceled due to unexpected snow storms. This is an emotional roller coaster ride, the walk hasn’t even started. Fingers crossed and the weather is clear, this hike is now a good option.

Day 1


I started in the middle of the night and didn’t know how things would be planned. I just booked the departure bus ticket and I don’t know how to plan when I get back.

Day 2


I arrived in Haridwar at 3:30 pm and plan to stay in Har ki Pauri until 6:30 am in my taxi time.

Before that, even if I kept my promise, I had to take images of the train tracks at Haridwar Railway Station.

Har Ki Pauri

Har Ki Pauri has a layer of fog and cold wind. The weather is very cold and we haven’t reached the cold part yet. Although the people’s cultivation base immersed their bodies in the cold water and rocks of the Ganges River, leaving only the upper body dry, a few people did not do so.


I came back to join my company of 22 and went to Joshimath for an 11 hour drive. The scenery along the way makes it look like a fairy tale read by an adult; the majestic mountains covered with snow, the sun shines at the top, the clouds are like springs and the two most sacred rivers, Araknanda and Mandakini, converge in Rudra Prayag The eternal Ganges.

Day 3


The next day, we woke up very early, we started at the right time, each of us 22 souls was full of excitement.


Dhak is the starting point for trekking. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we are unable to go on the usual itinerary.

Every experienced hiker will tell you that the hardest part is the beginning. Experienced people can handle it by themselves, beginners have difficulties, they get help from walking leaders.

Kulala Camp

The difficulty is much lower than the previous day. It is not easy for beginners for several days. It took a lot of effort. He made some basic mistakes, did not follow the instructions, and overcooked himself; the other did not take diamox, which was necessary for the first time. This caused his oxygen content to drop, his face disappeared, and life seemed to disappear from his body. When he got to the camp, he had to take oxygen. They gave him oxygen and constantly checked him.

Day 5

Khullara Camp

Our good friend was defenseless, he had to come down from the mountain with another group of people. We look at the springs in the steps and the tiny nails in the shoes because this is the day we go to Kuari Pass. When I quickly walked from the last backpack to the front of the backpack, I was suddenly shocked.

Snow is endless. We are leaving the mountains that have fascinated us so much in recent days. However, when we had the best mountain panorama, it did not disappear. The order of the day is multiple group clicks, this is the first of many clicks.


Kuari Pass makes us very tired, but now all the tension has disappeared and our body feels relaxed. It seems that we are enlightened.

Day 6

Khullara Camp

The relaxation after completing the hike on the second day reflects this day, that day we finally turned our eyes to Nanda Devi, the highest peak that exists only in India.

The snow began to fall on us, but not from the powerful nature falling vertically, but from the horizontal range, fighting against the snow! !!

Day 7


So the beginning of a fun-filled day ended in a very challenging way. The next morning, the route back to Delhi was set.

Had a great time, special thanks to Indiahikes and Tripoto. Chapter

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