Must-Have Security Cameras Features for Your Business

The demand for intelligent security camera systems among business owners and IT experts has never been higher. However, there has been an increase in the number of enterprises that are struggling to take a proactive strategy to monitor the convergence of physical security and cybersecurity. Although these businesses have emphasized security to the point of investing in surveillance technology that is pricey such as NVR-based or DVR-based systems.

The struggle starts when the companies are unable to determine the features security cameras should have. Here are few cameras features you should consider before security camera installation:

Plug and play installation system

CCTV camera installation can be a daunting task. So, it is better to hire a professional security camera installer such as first digital surveillance. Although plug-and-play cameras are simple to set up, they do require some technical knowledge. Following technological advancements, ethernet wire has grown more effective in recent years. Therefore, make sure you get one with a plug-and-play system so you can have a sense of security.

Remote access

The remote access feature will help you to easily access videos and share archived footage with your local authorities in case of any emergency.

The remote access makes it easy to get inside the whole security camera system. It can provide better security and video view options. Another must-have for any IT manager looking for a security camera system designed for the modern company is remote access without the need to open ports.

Color night vision

For corporate security cameras that may need to capture dark interiors or exteriors, night vision is a must-have function. Night vision technology has progressed is rapidly increasing, which is to your advantage. The days of grainy gray-scale film tinged with green are long gone. Color night vision is now available on high-quality corporate security cameras.

The cameras can catch a wide range of colors with color night vision. The resulting movie will not be as colorful as footage shot in broad daylight, but it will offer you a significant amount of visual data. You will be able to recognize car colors, as well as tell what color apparel a person was wearing and other vital information. Color night vision is a fantastic tool when used with infrared night vision to improve the camera’s clarity in low-light situations.

High resolution

Another feature of the camera would be high resolution. The higher the resolution the more pixels per frame will be available. There is another advantage to higher resolution and more pixels. You might need to zoom in on something for example a license plate, face, or another detail. You can easily access it without losing image quality if your cameras have a higher resolution. If your company is a target for a crime, you will have a better chance of capturing and accessing the evidence you need.

If you are confused about which security camera features are best for your business, do not hesitate to contact first security surveillance. They provide you with the best quality security cameras.

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