Sales Push – A New Point of Sale Software with Unique Features

Are you looking for a POS system for your business that offers a high number of features at an affordable price? Or maybe you’re window shopping for the next new thing in the world of point-of-sale solutions? Whatever your reason for dropping by to read this article, we assure you that you will not be disappointed as we will discuss the new kid on the block of POS software – Sales Push. We will be discussing its features and functionalities and why you should take this home, err… to the office with you.

Know How’s Your Business Doing from Anywhere in the World with the Sales Push Software

One of the best things about the Sales Push software is that it’s cloud-based, meaning it’s up on the Internet. So what’s so good about that? Well, firstly, you don’t need specialized hardware to work this system; almost any device with a browser and Internet access can be used to open it up. Since the POS systems handle all transactions and inventory among other things that we will discuss later on, you can see how your business is doing without physically going there to access the data. So if you’re on vacation in the Bahamas, you can see how your sports goods store is doing in Brooklyn without traveling all the way there. Handy, isn’t it? Well, there’s still a lot more coming.

Customize and Personalize the Dashboard of the Sales Push POS

Let’s face it everyone has a different way they organize their workbench, desk, or desktop, and companies do the same. So why should your point-of-sale software’s dashboard be any different? The Sales Push POS allows for customization of the dashboard and will enable you to select from day and night mode. You can select icons for various things that appeal to you or are a standard at the company level. With it, you can allow your staff to hook up a keyboard and use shortcut keys to process the checkout queue faster. Your POS should match your workflow, not the other way around.

Manage Your Website, and Walk-in Customers from the Same Sales Push Point-of-Sale Software

Almost all businesses these days have an online presence in the form of a website; if you don’t, you’re missing out big time. The management of the orders received online usually requires a separate resource, meaning more expenses. However, with Sales Push point of sale software, you can manage website orders from the same interface. If your checkout isn’t queued, the same cashier can also process online orders that means convenience and savings. Also, if you notice people queuing up at the counter, you can set up another checkout with ease to move some people there and take the load off the single counter.

Integration with Bulk Email Systems Is One of the Many Sales Push POS Features

Everybody knows about the importance of email campaigns; if you don’t, you should. It has the highest ROI (return on investment) out of any other marketing medium. Small businesses and even large corporations realize this and carry out frequent email marketing campaigns. It is an excellent way to retain and engage old customers to buy things from you again and gain new customers interested in what you are selling. That is where the integration option, one of the many Sales Push POS features, becomes crucial; it works in tandem with MailChimp, a bulk emailing solution that allows you to send emails to your customers regarding promotions, events, and other activities.

You No Longer Need to Spend Excess Money Dedicated HRM Software

Staff is an essential part of any business, and managing them is not easy. Some people get specialists to supervise employees, such as HR personnel, and others purchase dedicated HRM software that costs a significant amount. However, the good news is with SalesPush’s Add-ons functionality; you can get the HRM extension at a fraction of the cost of the other mentioned options. You can keep track of employee attendance, manage their leaves, and even calculate their payroll through it. What else do you want?

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