How To Start A Rakhi Business In A Very Low Budget?

Raksha Bandhan is the occasion that symbolizes the love between a brother and sister. It is a beautiful event that crosses state lines and is celebrated across the country. But that is not all, as Raksha Bandhan also has a global appeal. NRIs and foreigners interested in Indian culture take part in this festival. Millions of Rakhis are sold every year during this event. So, if you are a business owner, this offers you an excellent opportunity. One can partner up with a rakhi manufacturer and start selling rakhis online.

If you wonder that one needs to have significant capital to start this business, you are wrong. Selling rakhi online is a business that requires minimal investment for one to get going. Once you tie-up with a rakhi wholesaler, you can start this business with minimal investment. And it could be as low as 5000 for you to start.

Now, you could find articles and blogs that would advise you to make your rakhi and sell it. And while it is also an alternate way you can go, it would not be hugely profitable. And second, and more importantly, it would take a lot of your time. Making a rakhi is not as easy as it looks. And on top of that, you have to make hundreds, if not thousands, to break even. So, no, the smarter thing to do is to buy rakhi at wholesale price and sell it under your brand name. It is the whole ball game to get a profitable rakhi business. Another reason why you opt for this business model is that Raksha Bandhan is once a year event. So, one does not have a window of long-year sales that they could profit on.

Know how Start A Rakhi Business In A Very Low Budget

1.Reach out to a reputed rakhi manufacturer

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is reach out to a rakhi wholesaler. Through them, you can not only get the goods that you will sell to your customers but there are added benefits as well. Rakhi manufacturers understand what is ‘selling’ in the market. By partnering up with a reputed rakhi manufacturer, you can become aware of what types of rakhi designs are more popular in the market and then sell it to your customers.

2. Choose a target area

If you are starting a low-investment business, the best thing you can do is limit your business range. Choose a market segment and region that you want to target. For example, suppose you think you can sell more rakhi for kids, which is why you have reached out to a kids rakhi manufacturer. That is good; don’t try to branch out too early as it would spread your operation thin.

3. Connect with distributors

Since you have an online business, you need distributors to deliver your designer rakhis – from the designer rakhi manufacturer. Customers want timely delivery of their purchases. And you need to ensure that happens; otherwise, why would anyone buy a rakhi from you.

4. Start with Low margins

Do not go for huge margins on your rakhis. Sure, you can make some sales this way. But if you want a long time success, you should sell your rakhis at reasonable prices. And it is also possible that you might not even break even if you sell your rakhis at unreasonably high prices.

5. Invest in marketing

Online is the way to go if you look to make any profit from your rakhi selling business. You need to market your product on online platforms like Instagram and Facebook to find potential customers.

If you are thinking about starting your rakhi business, you could not find a better companion than Parag Rakhi – the leading rakhi wholesaler in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata. Rakhi selling is a business that anyone can get into with low investment. Anyone can do it; it is that easy. So, what are you waiting for? Buy wholesale rakhi online from Parag Rakhi and get started.

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