The Best IT Help Desk Management Software for 2022

There have been help desk services for a long time. IT issues can range from configuration changes, incompatibilities, and malware infections. Workers can automate processes and enable self-service with the best helpdesk software, allowing them to focus and prioritize their tasks.

Software for IT help desks that work

  • ManageEngine
  • SysAid
  • Zendesk
  • ServiceNow ITSM
  • Freshdesk
  • Sprinklr
  • Spiceworks

Software for IT help desks that work

CIO Insight evaluates several vendors in the helpdesk market. Our rankings are as follows:

With, you can manage your help desk more effectively

This cloud-based service lets you exchange information, receive assistance, and set up messages. Your IT Help Desk staff can automate repetitive tasks, automate communications, monitor all conversations, and convert emails into tickets on the go.

Differential factors

  • Reports on messenger support are analyzed
  • Workflow-specific views can be added
  • CRM and Help Desk software can exchange data
  • To improve workflows, create an issue in project management tools, update case standards, and integrate Help Desk tickets with other tools

Help desk management has never been easier with FreshDesk

Support desks can be simplified with Freshdesk from Freshworks. Through his support channels of choice, he puts clients in control. The automated process helps agents better understand the customer’s needs and offer the best solution.

Differentiating factors

  • Support intuitively across all channels
  • Using workforce automation and a unified platform, agents can quickly resolve customer inquiries
  • Communication channels can be switched seamlessly at any time during the trip
  • Combine live chat, mobile, web, and contact center support to create a mix of conversational experiences
  • Introduce AI-powered chatbots to assist clients in resolving their issues
  • Improve agent productivity by deploying 360-degree user overviews and guided resolutions
  • By targeting service teams based on proximity, availability, and costly skills, routing motors reduce call waiting time and increase escalation efficiency
  • More than 1,000 pre-delivered integrations

FreshDesk makes managing a help desk easier than ever

With Unified-CXM, Sprinklr is the only integrated customer experience management platform. With the help of artificial intelligence, it creates strategies that are guided by insight and better customer experience. It is available on more than thirty digital stations.

Differences between them

  • Any channel can be used with unified-CXM
  • Petabytes of structured and unstructured data are collected from multiple platforms, markets, and languages.
  • To act quickly, AI combines patterns to produce light
  • Artificial intelligence-driven chatbots can be diverted from answering simple questions
  • A person needs to be moved from one group to another by effective communication strategies
  • Unified-CXM learns how to send personalized messages to customers
  • By connecting everything to sales, teams can take advantage of every opportunity
  • Measuring performance and ROI using metrics and analytics

Help desk management is easier than ever with Spiceworks Cloud

Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk integrates with online inventory to make it easy to track tools, create content, and monitor progress. Due to its availability year-round, there is no need to purchase, set up, or configure a server.


  • Offers custom ticket status, announcements, and ticket rules
  • Reports from the Help Desk include important information, such as ticket systems and service and organization details
  • Allows employees to start a secure remote support section directly from the Help Desk
  • Spiceworks Help Desk Mobile App sends push notifications and current ticket information to your phone or tablet

Software features for IT help desks

Several years ago, IT support was rebranded. Some people consider the term help desk to be an old term and prefer to refer to it as a service desk. Service desks are more efficient, particularly when it comes to proactive responses to customers or employees.

No matter what they’re called, IT help desks have evolved over the years. Specific software has even been created for this purpose. These are just some of the applications available. Some products have even included help desk functions. Consequently, the features offered by each vendor differ.

As a general rule, the help desk performs the following functions:

Customer complaints and issues::

Through a ticketing system, the software responds to and resolves customer queries and issues. So that the support agent and anyone else involved in resolving the issue can monitor it until it is successfully resolved.

Multichannel support:

A variety of channels are available to customers – social media, telephone, live chat, text, and email. With multichannel support, you can choose the right channel for your customers.

Capabilities for self-service:

Self-service options that are most commonly used are knowledge-based and customer portals. Both software solutions are provided by the Top Help Desk, enabling teams to collaborate in a centralized knowledge management system for their organization, customers, and internal staff.

Analyzing and tracking:

Managers can gain insight into team performance (response speed, first-time resolution rates, etc.) and customer satisfaction through analysis and tracking. Detecting customer pain helps improve service operations and business as a whole.

Tools, integrations, and automation: Support agents use support tools, integrations, and automation to create a customized work environment based on their existing tools and workflows. In addition to automating ticket management, these features provide agents with access to contextual customer data, among other things.

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