Top 5 Trends Followed By The Top 10 Government Websites

The top 10 government websites in today’s day and age are animated, colorful, personalized as well as heavily content focused. Those are just some of the main themes that are impacting the website design of the top 10 government websites in today’s day and age. The top 10 government websites have shown the way and now other government websites are taking full advantage of some latest and eye-catching trends as well. The top trends in top 10 government websites offers a little something for just about everyone right from design updates that can be easily implemented and can easily take municipal websites to the next level. Read on further to know the top 6 trends for top 10 government websites.

  1. Layouts that are content focused :- In today’s day and age, content reigns supreme as the indisputable king. The top 10 government websites are driven by the need to keep all visitors and members of the community, very well informed. In today’s day and age, there has been a rapid increase in the number of websites that have been designed specifically to give different types of content the prominence and easy-access that they deserve. This means that when it comes to top 10 government websites you can expect to see content like videos and photo galleries rule the roost.
  1. Big, Bold, Beautiful Colors :- The trends of the last few years have shown a definitive turn towards minimalist web design that uses lots of white space as well as very clean looking pages and fonts that are thin and delicate. In 2021, when it comes to the top 10 government websites, it is all about colors that are bright, bold and very vibrant. Color reigns supreme as the king and even the largest digital influences in the world are proactively using bright and beautiful colors to make solid statements.
  1. Moving Animation :- Advancements in programming languages and web browsers in the past couple of years, have ensured that now it is easier than ever to apply animations that are impactful, engaging as well as beautiful. Animations can actually be excellent ways to tell stories or to convey feelings or simply to demonstrate how beautiful a community is.
  1. Flat Design :- Flat Design actually happens to be one of the most popular trends put in place to portion-off individual areas of content into areas that are self-contained. This means, that you get to see many websites that have boxy elements like main square photos and below such photos there are boxes of text that are accompanied by square photos that are three aligned. In 2021, you should expect to see designs that are boundless as well as open. You should be looking at images without borders and then text without any boxes.
  1. End of Stock Imagery :- Stock photos are actually very easy to identify. In stock photos usually the models have forced poses and in other images they grins that are plastered. In today’s day and age, internet users and nearly all website visitors are actually sick and tired of stock imagery and hence in 2021, you should expect to see much higher use of photography that is custom, expressive as well as unique. You can see this trend in almost all sorts of websites and especially in 10 government websites. You would ideally want to choose photos that represent your real-life community in the best light and everything that you think is unique about such a community. The 10 government websites who have been able to incorporate custom imagery have actually earned a lot of praise from the people.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the top 5 trends followed by the top 10 government websites. These defining trends are something that all government websites must follow for the class of 2021. These trends are likely to remain dominant all through 2021 and beyond. Government websites can do their bit for the community by implementing such trends in their websites. Government websites can help themselves in standing out from others by using such trends in their scheme of things.

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