Ways to Save Money During the Pandemic

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic with complicated developments caused millions of workers to lose their jobs, take time off work, rotary leave, reduce working hours, and reduce incomes, etc. change consumer buying behavior and habits. To solve the problem of saving spending during the gap, users need to have a suitable shopping plan, take advantage of incentives from service providers as well as partners…

Cutting unnecessary spending, taking advantage of promotions, limiting electricity use… helps users balance their finances and save more.

Cut unnecessary expenses

When it comes to personal financial management, the most important thing is knowing how to control your monthly expenses. One of the most effective ways is to spend wisely and rationally by cutting unnecessary expenses. 

To do that, you must first skillfully make a list of items. Prioritize things you need and don’t need. Apply yourself principles such as building a spending budget, reducing free time, making slow decisions, and buying good items with a long shelf life, …

After applying, you will find that cutting unnecessary expenses will be very important for personal financial management at all times, especially during this epidemic season.

Choose carefully about prices, take advantage of promotions

When researching an item, besides the quality factors, buyers should consider the price compared to similar products to choose a product that suits their requirements and pocket.

Besides, consumers can take advantage of promotional programs. Grasping the habit of shopping and paying online in the context of the epidemic, many e-commerce sites have continuously launched promotional programs such as direct discounts on each product, selling in combos with preferential prices. ..

In addition, when buying goods on e-commerce sites, you should use discount codes, coupons to save money.

The habit of using cards for payment not only brings safety makes spending more economical and efficient during the epidemic season but also contributes to promoting the trend of cashless payment.

Set a limit for each spending 

The 5-3-2 rule in spending is applied by many people and most are satisfied with this ratio. It sounds “high-class” but this principle is very simple. 

If you earn 10$, spend 5$ on basics and necessities. The next three coins are for your passions and hobbies and the remaining 2$ are for debt repayment, investment… 

However, before the complicated development of the epidemic, you should flexibly balance this limit. Instead of spending a lot of money on a branded dress, feed the pig right away because WFH (working from home) is wearing a “trendy” dress for what? And the husbands can take advantage of this period to quit smoking, cut down on drinking after work… That’s also a decent amount of savings.

Make the most of natural light and wind

When you are at home, open the windows and doors to let the wind and natural light in, keeping the house cool and airy. In the morning, when the sun is not yet strong, you can open the window, pull the curtain to take advantage of the energy from the outside, which is both bright and cool, beneficial for health. 

At noon and afternoon, look where your house will be shaded, you can open the door in that direction to catch wind and light to limit the use of electrical appliances, helping to save electricity for your family. than.

Replace energy-saving light bulbs

Saving electricity not only saves you money but also helps increase the life of electrical appliances in your home. Here are suggestions from experts to help you save electricity effectively for your family when staying at home during the epidemic season, reducing the financial burden for each family.

The simplest, you can replace fluorescent bulbs in the kitchen, desks… with incandescent bulbs. This type of light bulb consumes less electricity, consumes only about 1/5 – 1/3 of the electricity, and has a life expectancy of 15 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

Do not open the refrigerator many times

When you continuously open the refrigerator, the cold air is continuously evaporating, so the compressor will work harder to continue cooling, which means the refrigerator has used more electricity. Therefore, do not open the refrigerator for too long, open it many times innocuously and remember to close the refrigerator door closely.

Use a home electrical appliance monitoring tool

This tool is designed to help better control home electricity usage by monitoring electrical appliances. It also helps remind users of household tasks and notifies them when they forget to turn off something and shows how much power appliances are using. In addition, it can detect the most energy-hungry device in the home and estimate total power consumption.


These tips are not a far-fetched concept or too difficult to implement and are effective during this pandemic. If applied delicately, you can overcome the immediate difficulties in this pandemic. Wishing you a lot of health.

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