Wet Deck: Everything you should know about it

Barcelona is a beautiful city and the most enjoyable city as well. Here in this place, you can avail of the attractive hotels, clubs, with swimming pools and many other things. In simple terms, you can enjoy your best days of life with your friends, loved ones, or other persons. 

Everyone loves to witness a beautiful swimming pool and also loves to spend time over there. But constructing this is not an easy thing to perform. The areas of the swimming pools are chronic to water damage in an enormous form and thus a waterproofing is mandatory in such areas. You might have heard the name of the W hotel in Barcelona, which is a famous wet deck Barcelona

Are you planning to visit the wet deck Barcelona? If you are then you have to the right place, here you can get a proper amount of guidance by which you can avail yourself the best W hotels in Barcelona. 

What is the type’s Decks available in Barcelona?

Well, there are mainly two types of decks available in Barcelona. You can choose hotels according to your choices. The two main types of decks available are further discussed below:

  1. Sun Deck- Sun Deck refers to the flooring which is completely open to the sky or is situated in the upper part of a roof, terrace, ship, or the deck itself. These areas are sunny and a person who wants to enjoy good tanning can think of these decks. 
  1. Wet Deck- Very common type of deck in Barcelona. In this article, you will know everything about these decks. Have patience and keep following the below information. 

What is a Wet Deck?

Wet deck Barcelona is the particular area of the hotels present in this beautiful city. Furthermore, this particular area covers a 4-feet-wide unobstructed pool Deck around the side areas of the pool water. These are waterproof platforms that do not create any additional damage to the flooring. Apart from these, these types of platforms can also be provided and utilized in curbs, handrails, diving towers, poolsides, ladders, diving boards, waterfalls, starting blocks, planters, lifeguard chairs, or other water features areas. 

These help in several ways and bring a cool and attractive look to the overall area. Moreover, apart from water damage, these are hardy as well and also protect the floor from sudden accidents.  These are best considered in the areas including bars, water damage-prone areas, and also swimming pool areas. 

What is the Purpose of the Wet Deck?

A wet deck Barcelona is a deck or floor that is created on the perimeter of the pool in order to create a level area with the other surrounding pavings. This helps individuals to stand in the extended area and enjoy the view of the surrounding. Normally, the water inside the pool gets beautifully leveled by the balanced tank, which further is situated underneath the paved wet Deck.  

Furthermore, these are uncovered Deck areas and look absolutely stunning to the eyes. The main purposes of the wet deck Barcelona are further listed below:

  1. It helps to soak the water and is also waterproof thus there cannot be damage to the flooring. 
  2. It helps to create a level of water and land and the water tank that is present underneath captures the excess water that flows up when someone gets inside the pool. 
  3. Also, with the help of these, the excess water goes back to the pool.

What to consider with Wet Deck Barcelona?

The Wet Deck Barcelona might look really fascinating but these are the hardest things to get in the right possible way, and also are the most expensive form of flooring available in the market. The high price of these is due to the accurate and complicated construction required to these. 

Apart from these constructing these requires a few guidelines that are as follows:

  1. You should ensure that there is a lot of space underneath the paving. This is required to fit the balanced tank over there. 
  2. The surrounding area of the deck should contain material that has the capability to complement the Deck.  


The wet Decks can really be a good thing to enjoy and thus several high-rated hotels use these decking to increase the attraction of individuals. But how you will get to choose the Hotels? Well, to ensure the best Wet Deck Barcelona you can think of the VIP Barcelona as these will help you to choose the best-wet deck areas. 

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