What Should You Look in a Moving Quote?

Have you heard of the quote – ‘when you have the right moving company, half of the task is done’. It is true to a great extent. A trustworthy moving partner can transform the moving into an unforgettable and pleasant experience. In the US, thousands of people move every year and there are hundreds of stories of moving scams. And a huge chunk of those are stories related to moving companies charging double and sometimes triple of what’s agreed. The absence of a proper moving company quote is a major issue that causes these problems.

Today, we will discuss what you need to consider while agreeing to a moving company quote. Let’s see the points that you need to ensure exists in the quote that both parties agree with.

Is the company a reliable one?

Before you agree to a moving company quote, it is important to confirm that you are dealing with a genuine moving company. Who recommended the company to you? Ask the friends, coworkers, neighbors, and local realty agents whether the moving company is a reputed one with a good track record. Read the online reviews and ensure their goodwill.

The moving date and time is important

See whether the moving company quote has got the moving date and time. It should also have the time of the delivery of the household items at the new home. For interstate or cross-country moving, the delivery might take around a week or more. There can be a slight change of a day or two and it is acceptable in most cases.

The moving quote should have the license number

Always hire a licensed moving company. Any group of people can hire a truck and call themselves a moving company but without a license, it does not become one. For interstate moves, a company needs to register with the U.S. Department of Transportation, after which they’re given a unique USDOT number. The company will have a valid DOT number, as well as insurance, and you need to verify this part before signing a moving company quote. This is important as several movers offer online moving company quotes but are unrealistic. Agreeing to a moving quote from a non-licensed mover will put you in danger.

The moving cost is mentioned

Every moving company quote, both online and offline must have the moving cost mentioned. This amount is decided after a moving representative visits the home and takes the stock of every belonging there. Any item, small or big needs to be evaluated and you should be specific about the special items at home, including piano, aquariums, antique items, and glassware. You need to know that special items require specialty-trained laborers and it should not a hurdle on a moving day.

Pay attention to every detail

While the moving representative is at the home, show him every corner of the house to let him know and plan how to move the stuff. It should not be like on the deal day the mover realizes the absence of an elevator and demand a hefty price. 

Moving quotes should always be in writing

Your moving company quote should be in written form. It must contain every factor related to the moving. This is required to avoid future problems and confusion. When a mover offers an online moving quote or a quote via phone, demand it in writing.

Always vet the quotes before you agree to one

You need to have a minimum of up to 4 moving company quotes. This will help you study them in detail and understand what is missing in each quote and whether the pricing is fair or not.

It is possible to modify or tweak a moving quote as you need. However, it must be in written format and there should not be any hidden cost.

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