What to Wear Golfing? A Complete Guide

Did you know that there are more than two million new golfers every year? An ever-growing number of beginning golfers are finding their way to the green. 

Many of these golfers find themselves asking the same questions. What kind of stance is best? What sort of clubs do I need?

And most importantly, what do I wear on the golf course?

Golf fashion is equal parts form and function. Just like your swing, picking the perfect golfing outfit is an acquired skill. To make it a bit easier, we put together this guide on what to wear golfing, so read on to learn more! 

Dress Code

If you’re playing at a club, it’s worth checking the website or calling to check if there’s a dress code. Some courses are more professional than others. Some insist on a certain length of pants, while others insist on a kind of shirt.

Always double-check your local course so you don’t show up in the wrong look!


Jeans on a golf course are generally taboo. In general, denim is frowned upon, so opt instead for a pair of slacks. Most golfers choose pants that are polyester blends or soft cotton, allowing for a full range of motion while still looking put together.

Shorts are also fine in warm weather, but make sure they’re not too short. They should hit just around the knee. 

Whether you pick shorts or pants, always make sure you have a pair with belt loops. While a belt is not mandatory, it’s encouraged that you wear a belt on the course. 


The most important part of your golf clothes is your shirt. This is where you can show your personality! A polo shirt is standard, as are bold patterns. 

In cooler months, you can opt for darker block-colored polos with a colorful sweater. In hot weather, Hawaiian print golf shirts are the staple of summer golfing clothing. Play to your personality and find what suits you!

It’s standard to tuck your shirt into your pants on the course. Although this is optional, it makes your golf outfits look much more professional!

Women’s Golf Apparel 

For women, you can opt for a similar look. Pants with polo shirts are a classic look for men and women alike. However, you always have the option of a golf skirt or even a golf dress. 

With a sports dress, you’ll be dressed in breathable fabric with your favorite print. Make sure to think about pockets. Pockets aren’t a foregone conclusion in women’s clothing but you’ll need them for your golfing equipment! 

Now You Know What to Wear Golfing

With this guide, you have a great place to start when it comes to building the perfect golf outfit. Although a good outfit won’t make you perform better on the green, it will give you a sense of professionalism and make you more approachable. Start with our suggestions, and build up your own personal look as you go! 

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