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Looking For The Opportunity to share your views, thought processes, and innovative ideas related to our niche? Here we are!

We are open to all the creative bloggers who are willing to write for us. We give you the opportunity to add quality to your valuable thoughts by publishing them on our website. 

So, without a second thought, you can work and write quality content for us. But before starting your work and final submission, ensure the blog must fulfill our requirements and guidelines. 

Guidelines You Must Follow to Write For Us

  • Blog Should be more than 900+ words.
  • Content should be 100% unique and unpublished. 
  • Ensure the article language is simple, clear, and understandable.
  • Include one relevant article of Hostnewsdaily.
  • Do not include competitors’ links via our blogs.
  • Add at least one Featured Image.
  • Include 2-4 images in a blog whenever necessary.
  • Avoid Long paragraphs; use simple points and short paragraphs. 
  • We include our site’s internal page links if your content is up to date.
  • Mention the Conclusion or Words that summarize the value of the post at the end of the post. 

You Can Write For the Following Categories?

  • Lifestyle
  • Gadgets
  • Software
  • Web Development
  • Gaming
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Movies
  • Travel
  • Technology

Get More Possibilities to Publish Your Content

  • Write Content of Readability Score more than 60+.
  • Use appropriate Headings and Formattings.
  • Be ready to update Content if required after Review.
  • Ensure to use the image of Size 700*400px.
  • In one Content, 2 Do follow links are allowed.
  • Ensure to send the Article in a Document File via Email, avoid sending in PDF

Want To Post a Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews:

We are also open to the users who want to publish their sponsored posts. However, if you are one of them, then freely contact us via email at admin(@)hostnewsdaily.com.

How To Submit Your Guest Post Article or Blog?

To submit your article, first, copy your content in a Document File. Then attached this document file in the respective Email admin(@)hostnewsdaily.com and Send. 

How to Search New Guest Posting Sites?

You Can Search These Queries On Google Like : 

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“business” + “submit article”

Popular Search Strings For Guest Post Websites

Your Keyword “become a contributor”

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Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”

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You Can Search These Queries On Google Like : 

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“write to us” or “write for us” + “keyword”

You Can also try this way to Search : 

“write for us” + “keyword” 

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“Technology” + “Write For Us”

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Dailydigitalnewz blog appreciates the work relevant to our niche and latest technology; we welcome all the mentioned related content and articles.

Some other useful Ways & Queries To Submit Guest Post On Dailydigitalnewz

“submit guest post” + “technology”

“write for us” + “technology”

“free guest posting” + “technology”

“submit technology guest post”

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Tech “Write For Us”

We are accepting “Tech Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of tech related content.

You Can Find More Tech Guest Post Blogs By Searching

“tech” + “write to us”

“tech” + “free guest post”

Gadgets “Write For Us”

“guest posting” + “tech”

“write for us tech”

“guest post” + “tech”

“submit guest post tech”

“tech” + “submit guest post”

“tech” + “write for us”

“submit tech guest post”

Also, we are focusing on the latest technology and trends related to guest posts. Our writers appreciate those blogs elaborating on new technology, lifestyle, tour & travels, fashions, and so on. 

Some Relevant Search Strings For Gadgets Guest Posts

“write for us” + “gadgets review”

“gadgets” + “free guest posting”

“write for us gadgets”

“write for us” + “gadgets”

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“submit guest post” + “gadgets”

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