Your Guide to Buying Brazilian Coffee Beans for a Wholesale Price

If you’re looking to buy wholesale Brazilian coffee beans, it’s important to know what the different grades are. Coffee beans are graded based on their size and color, as well as how oily they are. The better the grade, the higher the demand for the beans will be. This is because a higher-grade bean means that there’s less “fines” or dust particles in the coffee, which makes for a smoother brew. Here, are some ways to find the best wholesale Brazilian coffee beans at a great price!

Grades of Brazilian coffee beans

1. Large Beans: Widely used in to make all-day breakfasts, this grade of coffee beans will make up about 85% of all coffee beans in Brazil. The dark, shiny beans in this grade have a robust flavor, and taste great with both light and dark chocolate and other rich ingredients.

2. Medium Beans: These beans are the next-best grade of Brazilian coffee beans, with a subtle flavor that can be made up for by adding cream to your espresso-based coffee. Medium beans are a great intro to coffee for a new coffee lover, but the flavor can be a bit stronger than a standard grade of 


3. Small Beans: Coffee beans this size are the perfect size for small brewed coffees. Due to the smaller size, these beans are not too bitter, but they’re still a bit nutty.

Buying wholesale coffee

The key to buying wholesale coffee is to do your homework. This includes doing your research on the following: Exports If your coffee is to be exported to Europe, Asia or the Middle East, you’ll need to know the type of coffee beans that are more highly sought after and priced the highest. The International Coffee Organization has a list of available coffee beans. You can also research on your own, and be sure to have some of these in your warehouse if you want to meet with potential importers. Type of beans some coffee beans are usually blended with other types of beans to provide a smooth brew. These include blends of coffee and sugar or honey. Others, which are often considered specialty beans, are by themselves. You can tell by looking at the bean variety.

What to look for when buying wholesale beans

• Cost: The price of coffee beans will always go up as demand increases. Although the price increase is sometimes steep, there are a few ways to avoid sticker shock. 

Hire an experienced coffee consultant: A coffee consultant can get you the beans at a great price. They are a great resource to buy from because they have spent years learning about the best coffee farms, which are in the best regions in Brazil. 

Ask your distributor to double-check the beans: One mistake that many coffee lovers make is that they buy directly from the source, which can be a mistake. This means the coffee was just harvested and it hasn’t had enough time to process the coffee beans. The beans may be too fresh, resulting in a bitter brew.

How to know if you’re getting a good deal

It is important to know how the different grades are graded. For example, there are coarse and light coffees, and dark and light beans. Because of their variations in size and color, they each have their own grade. For example, the Brazilians usually grade dark beans as medium or dark robusta, whereas light beans are either medium or dark robusta. Generally speaking, a darker roast has a less oily and smoother cup of coffee. This is because it has less coffee’s natural solvent, which makes the coffee easier to drink.


I hope this guide to buying wholesale Brazilian coffee beans Wholesale has helped you navigate the endless varieties of coffee bean prices. If you’re looking to buy a ton of beans, be sure to check out the coffee co-op! I can’t wait to see all of the coffee you make with the freshest coffee beans. 

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